Sean Clayton


"Possessor of one of the most delicately expressive tenor voices I have ever heard."

The Independent 

Reviews : Music for Queen Caroline 

"...Te Deum où le clair ténor de Sean Clayton et la basse de Lisandro Abadie articulent l’hymne admiratif du texte pour le Christ."

by Camille De Joyeuse


"En plus d’une grande souplesse vocale, le ténor Sean Clayton possède une gestion du souffle exemplaire qui concourt à un phrasé des plus élégants..."

by Sonia Hossein-Pour

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Reviews : Monteverdi Madrigali Vol. 2

Sunday Times Album of the Week 30 November 2014

MONTEVERDI Madrigali, Vol 2 Les Arts Florissants, dir Paul Agnew

Les Arts Florissants Editions AF003 Unlike their Italian competitors, La Venexiana (Glossa)and Concerto Italiano (Naïve), Les Arts Flo take a selective approach to Monteverdi’s madrigal books, which, according to Agnew, builds up a “musical biography” of the composer, who wrote and published eight of them from the ages of 19 to 71. Although this is volume two of a projected three ­disc series — lavishly documented — it is the first to be released. Recorded live at concerts of a complete survey of Monteverdi’s madrigalian output at the Cité de la Musique, in Paris, and preserved with startling immediacy by Radio France, the present disc covers Monteverdi’s years in Mantua, which produced not only the fourth, fifth and sixth madrigal books (1603, 1605 and 1614), but his masterly debut opera, L’Orfeo (1607), and his second,the lost L’Arianna. Here, the vocalists — Agnew sings and directs from within the ensemble — give us Monteverdi’s own five­ voice arrangement of Arianna’s Lament, delivered with the dramatic intensity and attention to textual clarity and dynamic variety that are the hallmarks of the ensemble’s Monteverdi. HC

Reviews : Obras de Lobo, FEMAS, Seville

Diario de Sevilla, 22.03.2015  Link

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